You've been offered an Erasmus place what do you do now?

So you have been accepted onto your Erasmus course, congratulations!

Now... what's next? Here is the Erasmus Living guide to what you need to do now to start preparing for your trip.

  1. 1) What paperwork do you need?

    Before you leave:

    You will need a passport! If you don’t have one, you still have time to apply, but they can sometimes take several weeks, so please hurry.

    When you arrive in the UK:

    Council tax exemption certificate

    Most people pay Council Tax (it is usually around £100 per month) but students do not need to pay this. A Council Tax Exemption Certificate is available from your university.

    Letter from your home university

    You will need a letter from your home university, written in English, to confirm that you are a full time student in your home country. This will help exempt you of council tax.

  1. 2) Start looking for accommodation now

    It may be possible to live in accommodation provided by the university. However, some universities give UK students priority in the queue for housing, followed by students who are studying for the full year.

    Universities don’t always guarantee accommodation to Erasmus students, and sometimes you won’t find out until August or even September if you have been allocated university housing.

    However, if you want to live with other Erasmus students as housemates, we can help to get your accommodation sorted in advance so you need not worry about waiting until the last minute.  

  1. 3) What do you need to pack?

    You need to make sure you are prepared for your stay in Britain, but you might also need to travel quite light if you are arriving by plane, bus or train.

    We’ve prepared a guide to the essential items to help you enjoy your stay in Britain. You can download it for free here.

  1. 4) Make contact with people who have previously taken part in Erasmus

    The best people to get advice from are those who have already taken part in Erasmus.

    I’m here to help, and we also have a great Facebook Page dedicated to Erasmus students that you can follow and join. People are always happy to answer questions about their experiences and will help where they can.

  1. 5) Travel arrangements

    It is worth planning your travel as far in advance as possible. British train tickets are usually cheaper if you can book them early. There are other options, too, such as Megabus (cheap coach travel) to get across the country. Again, book well in advance to get the best prices.

    Remember, you can always contact Erasmus Living with questions if you are unsure – we are happy to help if we can.

Written by Daniel Tyson
Last updated: 06/08/2016

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