How NOT to communicate with your housemates



Do you prefer to leave a note rather than confronting your housemates about disagreements? Are you guilty of the worst kind of housemate communication - passive-aggressive notes? Sometimes, living together for the first time means you’ll all do things differently. Perhaps you've already encountered this house-sharing phenomenon...Maybe you're the one who leaves notes! New housemates take note - and if you encounter an issue, consider speaking directly to your housemates as a group! We’ve put together a selection of the worst kinds of passive-aggressive housemates:

The "Dirty Dishes Guilt-Tripper"

Instead of politely asking you to wash your dishes, this housemate prefers to guilt trip you with a depressed kitten.


The "Toilet Roll Police"

Nobody would forget to change the toilet roll with this threat looming...


The "Everything-labeller"

There is a special kind of paper-wasting passive-aggressive housemate that will individually label everything they are not happy about!


The "Spitter"

We hope you haven't been unlucky enough to come across this kind of person! Fair play to the other housemate, though...


The "Artist"

The person who spends longer leaving a note than cleaning up your mess!


The "Historian"

The housemate who can't resist a historical reference!


The "Pedant"

Always check your spelling if you're going to leave a passive-aggressive note for your pedantic housemate!


The "Concerned One"

The housemate who pretends to be concerned about your belongings...


Oh dear, how can I avoid this happening in my house?

By speaking openly about cleaning and other potential issues with your housemates, nobody will feel the need to leave little notes around the house! :)


Written by Lucy Walker

in Erasmus