How Crowdfunding Can Help You Study Abroad

How Crowdfunding Can Help You Study Abroad

We've all vicariously lived through those awesome Instagrams of people on Erasmus taking gondolas through Venice or drinking wine under the Eiffel Tower and can't help but wish we could partake. Those fortunate enough to have gone on Erasmus often describe it as one of the most influential and thought provoking experiences of university.

Because of this, employers are putting a greater emphasis on the importance of a global education and students are showing a greater interest in going abroad. While money is always a factor, students are finding new ways to make their Erasmus adventure a reality and no other sector is at the forefront of bridging the gap between students and Erasmus than crowdfunding.

So what is crowdfunding?

At its core, crowdfunding helps to materialize a common goal by connecting a cause with an interested audience. While people typically associate crowdfunding with financing a new tech product or indie film, the concept applies equally as well to Erasmus.

Through an accumulation of small monetary amounts from a broader network, projects and ideas are able to come to life. Whether it’s raising money for the next iPhone or simply financing accommodation abroad, crowdfunding has quickly become an effective concept that bypasses traditional financial institutions and empowers individuals to fund their aspirations.

How can crowdfunding help with Erasmus?

Studying abroad comes with a litany of costs that quickly add up and no one knows that better than us. After going on Erasmus and traveling to over 40 countries ourselves, our team at StudentBackr is well connected with all things Erasmus.

We've helped Erasmus students to crowdfund everything from flights, room & board, tuition and visas. Similarly to how an indie film will offer rewards such as an early screening or a digital copy of their film, we help students come up with creative rewards that relate to their Erasmus travel such as a personalized postcard or a unique souvenir to incentivize donators. You can find some of our reward ideas from past students here! These rewards are an integral part of crowdfunding as it offers a way for your network to be a part of your Erasmus experience that transcends vicariously following you through Instagram or Facebook. From zero to funded, we help students every step of the way to maximize their success.

Final takeaways

Going on Erasmus is one of the most formative and exciting experiences of university. The chance to go travel and explore the world at a young age is something incredibly rewarding if given the opportunity.

Whether it’s communicating with your grandparents or friends, crowdfunding gives you a way to share your study abroad experience with others even when you're thousands of miles away from home. For those in need of a little financial assistance to go on Erasmus, crowdfunding just might be the thing to get you there!

Written by Patrick Harrington