"My stay in Newcastle has been perfect, thanks to the amazing Erasmus Living! They provided me with a spacious room in a nice house in the best student area of Newcastle. Whenever there was a problem in the house, we could easily contact Daniel and it would all be sorted out. Also, Erasmus Living organises social events to get to know your fellow Erasmus people and to make some new friends! In short, if you want to have a great time in Newcastle, go stay with Erasmus Living!"

Nina Van Ruijven, Leiden University, The Netherlands

"Erasmus Living and Daniel get my highest possible recommendation!"

Jacob Cuculiza, Aarhus Business School, Denmark

"We are very happy we found Daniel through the Erasmus Living page and decided to stay in one of his houses. We didn't have to worry much about the bills and most of the facilities we needed were already provided when we arrived. Also, Daniel was always willing to hear our requests and help whenever he had the chance. We definitely recommend Erasmus students in Newcastle to look for an accommodation in Erasmus Living!"

Gemma Cortadellas & Anna Molinet, UPF, Barcelona

Erasmus student from Leiden
Gijs Van Vlaardingen

"My Erasmus experience would have been completely different if I did not decide to live in an Erasmus Living house. Primarily, because there are multiple houses where you meet people the first week you move in. The people I met through Erasmus Living have been my friends throughout the semester and will they will remain friends when we all have returned. On the other hand, I was afraid that I wouldn’t meet any English people but once I joined a society I met loads!"

Gijs Van Vlaardingen, Leiden University, The Netherlands