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We offer Erasmus accommodation for students coming to study in the United Kingdom. To date we have helped more than 400 students - and counting!

Erasmus Living is more than accommodation; it's about the roommates you live with

During this once in a lifetime experience you will live with people from all over Europe and experience what it truly means to be European.

You don't just get a great room; you live your Erasmus to the fullest. 

85% of students come to us through recommendations from other students

What We Offer

You want to spend time with new friends and concentrate on your studies, so we'll take care of everything else:



Rent & inclusive utilities


A contract for the semester


Essentials: plates, cups, and more


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Great Transportation Links

Each Erasmus house is cleverly situated next to local bus stops, and the majority of the houses are within walking distance to the universities. Click the arrow in the top left of the map above to explore the bus routes.

What do students say?

When they're gone, they're gone!

We currently have 86 rooms in 23 Erasmus houses and flats. It might sound like a lot, but you'd be amazed at how quickly the rooms fill up! So let us help you book your room.

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Calling All Good Landlords

Renting rooms to foreign exchange students has so many advantages over traditional tenancies. The tenants we source are the most courteous, reliable, and mature young students you'll ever meet.

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