7 Tips for Leaving Your House at Christmas

You're soon to be heading back home for Christmas and I'm sure you're extremely excited! Before you head out though make sure you have everything wrapped up before you leave. To help you prepare I thought I would share 7 tips on what you should do before leaving your house for Christmas.

Write a checklist

A forgotten phone charger can be the difference between Christmas day texts to your mates and a useless bit of technology. Easily avoid this by writing down everything you need to take home with you.

If you're already doing this and want to take it one step further then you could write all the things you want to see and do before you leave. Check out these 5 places you should absolutely visit for some inspiration.

Roll your clothes

It's easy to rack up a load of suitcases for your journey back home, but there's a super simple trick to keep these numbers to a minimum. Rather than folding your clothes try rolling them instead.

LifeHacker write that "Rolling your t-shirts makes them space-efficient". This military trick will allow you to pack so much more into that seemingly small suitcase of yours.

Quick clean

If you're coming back after the holidays then a quick whip around is all you need. For those that are leaving for good simply talk with your housemates to decide what your fair share of the cleaning should be. Be quick and efficient and it'll take you no time at all.

Set your heating

Have your heating come on for at least 2 hours a day. This will prevent any of the pipes freezing while you're away, a problem which can be caused by icy draughts or closed cupboard doors that restrict warm air flow.

Frozen pipes can later burst, which isn't the kind of welcome you want during your post-christmas blues, so make sure you leave the heating on and the cupboard doors open just slightly.

Save energy

You've already brought the heating down to 2 hours a day, now turn off any appliances that you won't be using when you're away and save a few pennies on the electricity bill. The only exception here of course is the fridge/freezer. Speaking of which...

Sort through the fridge

Most people would tell you to throw away any food that will expire while you're away, but why not freeze it instead? This way you can be sure you're not coming back to a smelly fridge and you won't have to do any shopping on your first day back.

Set the alarm system

If you can't remember the code then write to your landlord/agent for a quick reminder. Setting the alarm should be the responsibility of the final person leaving the house. If you're that person then also remember to double lock your front door.

Once you've run through these quick tips then you can enjoy your Christmas without wondering whether you've forgotten something back. Do you have any of your own tips you would add to the list?

Daniel Tyson

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is responsible for Erasmus Living. During his time at Newcastle University Daniel lived with students from across the globe. He has since made it his mission to offer others the same fantastic living experience he once enjoyed.

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