4 Scary Thoughts About Erasmus

4 Scary Thoughts About Erasmus

Getting lost in a foreign country; cars driving on the "wrong" side of the road; arriving to lectures in your own timezone - just a few things that sound like scenes freshly picked from a nightmare. Below are 4 more things that every international student has or will find scary about Erasmus.

1. The dialect

No doubt you've already experienced this, and when the local Geordies are using words such as 'howay', 'canny', 'hyem', and 'toon', what foreigner wouldn't find this at least a little daunting? It's not like the locals make it any easier when they start stringing these words together: "toon sounds canny like, but I'm gan hyem, me bairn's out of fettle".

Don't feel too disheartened - anyone outside of Newcastle would have a hard time with this as well. And sure, it might be scary at first, but just like any language you'll pick it up. To get a head start this short video  from Newcastle University Library is a great introduction for new Erasmus students, and for the more experienced it's a worthy recap.

2. What if no one understands you?

The cause of sleepless nights before arriving to the UK was likely due to thinking "what if years of English lessons were all for nothing?". For reassurance you should know that people in the UK are in awe of a foreigner's ability to speak English and the fact you can speak two or more languages will always blow a Brit's mind. If you want to really impress then start incorporating the Geordie words from number 1 into your vocabulary.

3. How Erasmus changes you

There's no escaping it. You can't hide it. Inevitably, Erasmus will change you. From the people you meet to the food you eat, everything you experience in these new surroundings has an affect on the way you see the world and the way you act in it.

According to a study conducted last year by the European Commission , by going on Erasmus you: increase curiosity; become better at problem-solving; and gain confidence - all positive additions to your skill bank. This study looks at change from an employment point of view, but what it does reinforce is that your international experience has the power to change you.

4. Going back home again

The irony, huh? After all of the frightening things you thought were waiting for you in England you may never of anticipated that the scariest thing will be to leave again. Over a short amount of time you've established a new home, met people from all over the world, and have even made new friendships. The scary thing is not leaving the city, it's about saying goodbye to the people you met here. Luckily, Erasmus is only the beginning for some people, and your new network of friends will enable you to see even more of the world than you first imagined.

Do you have any of your own scary thoughts?

  Daniel Tyson

Daniel Tyson

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