10 ways to stay warm in your Erasmus house this winter

The leaves are falling and it’s starting to get chillier in the UK. It’s time to face it - winter is coming! Luckily Newcastle is well prepared for cold weather, and so are your houses and flats. We’ve put together some simple, money-saving tips to keep warm whilst remaining within your fair energy use limit, avoiding extra charges at the end of your tenancy and, most importantly, respecting the environment.

1. Agree on a temperature for the thermostat with your housemates. The standard is 21 degrees.

2. Embrace the British culture and drink a cup of tea. Then drink another one. Biscuits optional. While your radiators keep you warm on the outside, tea heats you up from the inside. Earn some brownie points from your housemates and make a round of tea now!

friends drinking tea

3. Wrap up and pile on the layers. What better excuse to wear 3 jumpers than a British winter?

 Joey wearing chandler's clothes

4. It’s important to ventilate your house and open the windows now and then, especially if you’re drying clothes, but remember not to leave windows open. Not only can this leave your house at risk of opportunistic burglaries, but all your heat will pour out of the windows and be replaced by icy drafts.

5. Plan a film night. Make a pan of mulled wine, pyjamas on, grab your duvets and watch a film together in one room with your housemates on the sofa.

housemates watching a film

6. Do the housework! It’s surprising how quickly you heat up when you’re vacuuming, or when your hands are in a bowl of hot soapy water. Get in your housemates’ good books and do the washing up, or organise a day when you all get involved to keep the house looking clean. Rainy Sunday mornings are great for cleaning!

7. Rally your housemates or Erasmus Living neighbours and go for a jog. That way, you get to explore your city and you’ll be toasty warm for a good house after you get home. It can be hard to take the first step outside, but nobody ever regrets going for a run. If it’s really horrible weather, try something quick like the 7 minute workout in your living room.

8. If you’ve been baking, leave the oven open, and watch your kitchen transform into a sauna! Any excuse to bake a cake...

9. Your bed might feel cold at night, so warm it with a hairdryer, or put a hot water bottle in there before you turn in - you’ll sleep better for it!

10. Remember - nobody’s body thermostat is the same and it’s impossible to have the perfect temperature for everyone in a house, particularly between males and females. A 2015 study by Dutch scientists found that women are comfortable at a temperature 2.5C warmer than men, typically between 24-25C. This means that you need to have an open conversation with your housemates instead of quietly playing with the thermostat when nobody's looking, and find a happy medium.

 That friend who is always cold


Written by Lucy